BFG - Tackle Tandem Rig 10oz (Chartreuse/White)


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BFG TACKLE Tandem Rigs are designed to be fished without the use of inline sinkers offering less drag along with direct contact with the baits. Our tandems come pre-rigged with 3-way swivels and leaders; secure to line and you’re good to go.

The tandem’s design allows the weighted shad bait to swim lower in the water while the trailing spoon swims higher in the water. To eliminate tangle concerns, we’ve added a coastlock swivel to the spoon leader and tied leader directly to the spoon’s split ring to maintain proper action.

Each tandem package comes with a handy guide which calculates the tandem’s depth based on the tandem’s weight and how much line you have out. This ensures the tandem bait is presented in the proper water column position where the fish are present.

Handcrafted with top quality materials for long lasting performance!

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