Gibbs "The Original" Danny Surface Swimmer 3.5 OZ

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The outstanding ability of this plug to attract big bass is due to the unique swimming action it creates. Unlike minnow type plugs that swim from the nose, the Danny pivots from a fulcrum in the center of its body.


Let the current do most of the work, and vary your retriever as you move the bait through different types of water. An occasional jerk of the rod tip that causes the plug to spurt or splash lightly can be very effective. At night however, a steadier retriever is more desirable. Fine-tuning should be restricted to the stainless wire eye of the plug, leaving the pan lip in its original shape. Bend the eye up slightly to obtain a deeper retriever, and down for more surface action. Unlike our direct tie recommendation with other plugs, the Danny will work better from a black Duo Lock snap for a freer swimming action. A swivel is not needed. Remember, keep those hooks sharp and re-tie frequently to keep fresh line at the business end of your efforts.

Elite Tackle Tip. This is a big plug for big bass that excels around rocky shorelines, especially at night. This is a plug that has historically been modified with an eel skin covering the plug for even more big fish appeal. 


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