Samson Lures - Pelagic Candle


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Type – Surface/Sinking

The Pelagic Candle is a long casting surface lure designed to be worked at a medium to fast speed. This lure can be retrieved fast across the surface of the water imitating a fleeing needle-type fish. Use the rod tip to create an erratic action with upward/sideways pulls.

Suitable for: striper, bass, GTs, bluefish, tuna, roosterfish, jacks, redfish, mackerel, kingfish, and most other pelagic species.

• Extra strong hooks* – treble belly hook and tail hook 
• Wired through using high strength materials
• High quality rigging and fittings
• Weighted for maximum casting distance
• Virtually indestructible lures, suitable for fishing around sharp rocks and for toothy pelagics
• Hand made lathe turned for precision casting
• All lures are produced in white, a good all-round colour and come with two free skin swaps
• Casts well in windy conditions, great for punching through onshore winds

Samson Lures - Pelagic Candle
Samson Lures - Pelagic Candle
Samson Lures - Pelagic Candle

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