Aquatic Nutrition Attractants - Bloodstream Chum


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BloodStream Top Predator Chum is designed to attract sharks. This Shark Chum excites a reaction in top predators who rely heavily on the scent of blood to locate prey. When chumming for sharks the scent of blood is one of the most powerful attractants.

Bloodstream Top Predator Chum is a blood based shark fishing chum that combines the powerful scent of blood with the essence of oily Tuna, bait-fish oils and solids that draws sharks from miles away. We have done extensive testing and development of Bloodstream Chum while shark fishing in Florida coastal waters.

Each kit contains a mixture of raw attractants coupled with a carrier agent designed to leave a scent trail that is easy to follow. Prior to use, the liquid (Chum Cloud) and other dry ingredients are mixed together in the supplied mixing bag.

This kit allows you to make mold-able Shark Chum Balls of any size. Use a large single ball for slower long term bleeding. Make a bunch of smaller balls of Bloodstream Shark Chum when you would like a heavier scent trail. Many smaller balls will allow more surfaces to come in contact with the shark chum. These will dissolve quicker.

To use: Mix the dry ingredients with the included Chum Cloud liquid. This product is easily mixed on the boat , or ahead of time. This shark chum solidifies into an almost plastic like consistency. The chum does NOT melt so it can be left in the heat... on the boat ready when you are. Unused - already mixed product will not spoil for many days, it can also be kept in the refrigerator for months. The dry kit requires NO REFRIGERATION AT ALL.

This Shark Chum works great for Mako, Tiger, Great White, Lemon and all other blood seeking top predators. PLEASE NOTE: This product is known to the State Of California to attract sharks. Persons using Bloodstream Top Predator Chum should not partake in swimming or water activities. Serious risks to your health could occur. Persons should remain on the fishing vessel at all times. :)

Aquatic Nutrition Attractants - Bloodstream Chum
Aquatic Nutrition Attractants - Bloodstream Chum