Costa BLACKFIN Sunglasses

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 The trusted tool of the true angler, Costa's Blackfin sunglasses bring serious clarity and comfort to a day fishing, whether it's wrestling marlin in the deep sea, spinning up salmon in the river's current or fly casting for bonefish along the coast. Polarized, flexible and boasting a Hydrolite™ co-injected lining, these Costa men's Angler fishing sunglasses are made for performance and are a necessary addition to any tackle box.

Frame Fit: Wide - A large lens front designed to fit those with a wide head

Size: L

Nose Pads: Fully-adjustable, nonslip nose pads designed to further customize your fit and help reduce fogging

Lens Curve: Base 8 De-centered - Frames with maximum coverage and wrap that help reduce light leak

Premium Polarized 580 Lenses*

Filtering reflective glare is essential for anyone on the water or outdoors. They absorb harmful high-energy blue light (HEV); enhance reds, greens, and blues; and, filter out harsh yellow.

100% UV Protection

Costa lenses absorb 100% of UV light, providing you the best in light management and protection.

Scratch Resistant and Durable

The C-Wall coating provides extra scratch-resistance and a barrier that repels water, oil and sweat for easy cleaning.


BLACKFIN 10 Tortoise W/Copper Polarized Glass Lens:

Frame Fit: Tortoise

Lens Color: Copper Glass - Cuts glare for eye comfort in a variety of situations, from sight fishing to driving. 12% light transmission.

Optimal Usage: Sight fishing, everyday activities, and cloudy days.


BLACKFIN 10 Tortoise W/Green Mirror Polarized Plastic Lens:

Frame Fit: Tortoise

Lens Color: Green Mirror - Enhanced vision and contrast for fishing inshore and on flats. 10% light transmission.

Optimal Usage: Sight fishing in full sun and high contrast.


BLACKFIN 11 Matte Black W/Sunrise Silver Mirror Polarized Plastic Lens:

Frame Fit: Matte Black

Lens Color: Sunrise Silver Mirror - Enhanced wear lens. The perfect tool for dusk and dawn performance. 25% light transmission. These lenses are not suitable for driving.

Optimal Usage: Activities during sunrise/sunset, heightened contrast, and low light/overcast conditions. 

Costa BLACKFIN Sunglasses
Costa BLACKFIN Sunglasses
Costa BLACKFIN Sunglasses
Costa BLACKFIN Sunglasses
Costa BLACKFIN Sunglasses