Guy Cotten "EFFICIENT" Top


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The “Efficient” top is both breathable and watertight. Comfortable and suitable for outdoor activities, sailing, or sport fishing.

Color:  Black/Grey

  • An inner neoprene collar prevents all water ingress with a self-grip adjustment tab.
  • The hood is made watertight with thermal bounded taped seams, offering extra protection. It can be adjusted using an elastic cord and toggle on each side.
  • The sleeve ends have neoprene cuffs, which prevent water getting in when you want to put a fish back in the water or when you have to raise your arms to adjust your rod.
  • The bottom of the top is also made of neoprene, to prevent all air or water ingress. Self-grip tabs can be used to adjust it to your shape.
  • The front pocket closes with a self-grip flap and is perfectly watertight.
  • Designed with raglan sleeves with plenty of room to make casting your line easier
  • Mesh lining