L.T. Marine Release Hook

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Finally an effective way to revive large pelagic game fish, especially giant tuna. No more hassle when the commercial or trophy giant tuna category is closed. This tool will make reviving giants and other large pelagic fish easy. Designed and tested with guidance and input from Captains Taylor & Bryan Sears at Mass Bay Guides in Scituate, Mass. It is simple to use, just set the hook in the corner of the fishes jaw, and proceed to tow the fish at slow trolling speed until the fish is revived. Once revived, remove the hook by pulling on the trip line and slackening the tow line at the same time to dislodge the hook from the fishes mouth. 


  • 2" Gap with sharp needle point.
  • Pressed for increased strength.
  • Comes rigged with stainless steel cable with shrink tube jacket to protect your hands when setting the hook.
  • Welded eye for attaching a trip line.
L.T. Marine Release  Hook
L.T. Marine Release  Hook
L.T. Marine Release  Hook