Skurge of The Sea Deluxe Haywire Twist Tool


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Skurge of the Sea is leading the way in innovative offshore fishing products. Their deluxe haywire twist tool proves it. Made of high quality 316 stainless steel, it is the ideal rigging tool for shark, wahoo, and other big game species.

Engineered for durability on the seas and comfort in your hand, this haywire twist tool will meet and exceed your expectations. Its diamond-knurled grip handle will feel at home in your grasp. A bit larger than comparable products on the market, this deluxe haywire twist tool has more surface area for you to comfortably grip while it does all the work.

Allows for the forming of a perfect loop at the end of the haywire twist. Instead of bending the wire prior to forming the twist by hand, the deluxe tool forms the perfect loop at the end of the haywire twist. Can be used to break off the tag end of the haywire twist quickly and easily.