Tsunami - FORGED Lever Drag Reel


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Tsunami Forged Lever Drag Reels Features:

  • Lightweight and precision machined for braided line tolerances
  • Instant anti-reverse bearing plus two back up dogs
  • Hardended, high precision stainless steel
  • Powerful carbon fiber drag
  • Modern power forged frames and side plates built for high strength
  • Precisely machined anodized aluminum spool rides freely on two shielded stainless steel ball bearing mounted to the strong stainless steel spool shaft




Packing a boatload of features generally only seen on high-cost reels, the Forged Lever Drag reels from Tsunami can handle everything from dropping bait to tautog and fluke to 3-waying for stripers to offshore jigging for school tuna and more and they do it without putting much of a hurting on your wallet. Last year the Forged 10 debuted to much fanfare as its small, 16-ounce frame, which puts out up to 20 pounds of drag and holds plenty of line (500 yards of 20-pound braid, 440 yards of 30-pound braid, 380 yards of 40-pound braid) quickly found a home with inshore saltwater anglers. Building on its popularity, the Forged 12 was recently released to compliment the line and offer a very economical option for bigger game hunters. The Forged 12 weighs a mere 18 ounces but dishes out a solid 30 pounds of maximum drag pressure with the braided line capacity to go deep (760 yards of 20-pound, 670 yards of 30, 580 yards of 40.)

As noted, both sizes of the Forged Lever Drag Reel feature a laundry list of awesome features in a lightweight, precision-machined package designed to handle today’s super braids. The aluminum powder forged frame and side plate were built for strength and durability in a harsh saltwater environment. Internally, the hardened, high-precision stainless steel gears and instant anti-reverse provide the smoothness and power needed to winch up even the strongest of gamefish. Couple this with a power handle and EVA knob and you’re ready to battle for extended periods of time with plenty of cranking power without fatigue. The precision machined anodized aluminum spool rides freely on two shielded, high-performance stainless steel ball bearings mounted directly to the rigid stainless steel spool shaft. The FREE setting of the drag completely disengages the “floating” spool, delivering extreme free-spool and allows maximum castability. The carbon fiber drag washers pack the smooth stopping power and fine-tuning adjustments required to ensure a solid drag for years to come. All models feature six stainless steel bearings plus a clutch bearing anti reverse to guarantee smooth, sure performance.

Tsunami - FORGED Lever Drag Reel
Tsunami - FORGED Lever Drag Reel
Tsunami - FORGED Lever Drag Reel