Jim Tomlinson

Jim grew up spending as many summer days as possible on Buzzards Bay.  Sailing, fishing, water sports, boating…any time on the water was the best time.   

Before getting into the retail side of the fishing, Jim worked in the sporting goods industry with companies like adidas, Reebok and Life is good®. Those roles, combined with his years in commercial banking and management consulting, give Jim an approach and perspective that keeps us engaged, challenged, and sometimes entertained, as we grow.


Henry Tomlinson

Henry has a bad case of Canyons-on-the-brain. 

After chasing snow for several years as a FIS Ski racer, Henry took his first trip to the Canyons to chase yellowfin.  Once he ‘retired’ from racing, fishing quickly became his next passion…yellowfin, bluefin, big-eye, everything Tuna and anything Big Game. As with his ski racing days, Henry quickly dove deep down the rabbit hole of technique, equipment, and innovative brands. 

 When the retail business developed, Henry naturally became our point person for managing and developing the Big Game side of things. He now manages all boat outfitting, custom rod builds, big game rigging, and all big game product selection and merchandising…and he manages our online business, in his spare time. 

Needless to say, you can find Henry in the shop almost 24/7…

Chris Ballerini

Chris Ballerini is an avid fly fisherman who has recently found an obsession in topwater tuna. After graduating with a business degree from Boston College, Chris was drawn west to pursue his passion for fishing and songwriting.  He guided two seasons for trout in Northern Colorado and four seasons for salmon on the fly in remote Alaska. Chris landed at FISH after a successful music career as the founder and lead singer for Sixfoxwhiskey.  

Chris is an integral part of the team here at FISH, focusing on marketing, business operations, and anything else that needs attention.

Jesse Johnson

Jesse is an avid freshwater and inshore angler who has recently gotten the Big Game itch.

At FISH, Jesse is exceptionally good at taking care of customers and matching up their needs with the right products and techniques.

As an environmental studies major, he cares a lot about everything do you not like that!

Adam Hicks

Adam Hicks has been chasing schoolies and monsters since grade school. Having grown up in Marshfield, he knows just about everything needed to fish the South Shore of Massachusetts.

In addition to being super fishy and knowledgeable, he's a really nice guy who's always eager to help...with a smile.

David Armstrong

We think David commutes to work in his Kayak, but we haven't been able to capture it on video.

When David's not in the shop, he's either in school, getting into his kayak, in his kayak, or coming back from being in his kayak. You can find him at all hours of the day and night, in search of the evasive slot striper.

At FISH, we appreciate not only David's positive attitude and work ethic, but also his need for order, in our world of over 8000+ products!