Chase Baits - Ripple Cicada (1.75in) - Fish & Tackle
Chase Baits - Ripple Cicada (1.75in) - Fish & Tackle
Chase Baits - Ripple Cicada (1.75in) - Fish & Tackle

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Chase Baits - Ripple Cicada (1.75in)

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Color:Red Eye
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Chase Baits - Ripple Cicada (1.75in)

Red Eye


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The all new "Ripple Cicada" is a soft-hollow bodied crawling topwater lure available in 7 unique color patterns. The rippled body, with UV enhancements, produce wave motion action in the water that fish see and feel with their lateral lines. The naturally realistic head includes antennae and prominent "strike-point" eyes.  The clear wings have proprietary glitter-flash UV enhancements and skeletal outlines for increased visibility and realism.

The impact of this lure hitting the water replicates the sound of a real cicada landing on the surface. When slow retrieved, the crawling wings produce a low intensity "pop-n-roll" commotion that will entice a variety of fish species including panfish and bass. The Ripple Cicada can also be retrieved quickly with a stop and pause action that will produce exciting top water explosions on the surface of the water. The third method for fishing the Ripple Cicada utilzies a cast, retrieve, stop and pop which allows for a unique "wing hopping" action capable of jumping over low-lying structure such as lily pads.


Size: 1 3/4"
Weight: 1/5oz
Hooks: Size 10 Treble Hooks 
Action: Top Water Crawler
1pc per pack

Target Species:
Freshwater: Bass (Small & Largemouth), Peacock Bass, Trout, Crappie, Panfish, Snakehead