ChatterLures - 5oz Joe Shute Pin Rig


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From Joe ShuteWe have come out with a new Keel Weighted version of our highly productive tuna lures. This head shape is designed with more of the weight on the bottom side of the head, so the lure will run in a more up-right position in the water helping the ballyhoo track better. The head of the lure has a 1/2 inch opening in the rear of the head, which is designed for those fishermen that like to use a ballyhoo spring. This opening will allow the spring to seat over half way up inside the hole, effectively locking the ballyhoo in place. This head design can also be used with a standard pin rig or a pin-less rig as well. The 5 oz weight of the lure helps track better in rougher seas and will give you more depth on calmer days, especially when run in the long rigger position.


  • 10' of #175 HI-SEAS Grand Slam Fluorocarbon
  • Pin Rigged - includes pin & Screw on Spring
  • Owner Jobu 9/0 hook 
  • Chafe Gear
  • Diamond Crimps
  • 7" x 7" Lure Bag included