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Cortland - Black Livewell Net

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The Cortland Live well net is the most versatile compact net on the market. It has a small size that makes it good to safely remove fish and bait from a boat's live well. The small fishing net has squared edges that make it easy to access fish and bait hiding in the livewell corners. This is even good for canoes, kayaks, small boats, or as a carry along on that creek or pond trip. Cortland Line Company has been bringing quality products to anglers since 1915. Cortland Line offers a full assortment of Fly Lines, Leaders, Tippet and Flies to enable you to have fun and success fly fishing.


  • - Sturdy aluminum handle with nonslip grip
  • - Soft Black woven mesh netting
  • - Small squared edges to easily access livewell's
  • - Freshwater & Saltwater
  • - Net Size: 17.2" x 8"