Daiwa Saltist Star Drag Conventional Reels

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The Daiwa Saltist Star Drag Conventional Reels are built from machined aluminum and anodized for maximum corrosion resistance making them sturdy and durable yet high performing. The true freespool of this star drag system allows for longer casts under a variety of conditions and uninhibited spool payout is ideally suited for fishing live bait. The 6.4 to 1 gear ratio is fast enough for jigging, yet strong enough to put big fish on the deck.

  • Maximum drag pressure from 17 to 25 pounds, well suited for braided line
  • Built from machined aluminum with an anodized finish for greater corrosion resistance
  • Extremely smooth freespool
  • 4 stainless steel ball bearings and a roller bearing
  • 6.4:1 gear ratio
  • Centrifugal Breaking System for control and longer casts