Eagle Claw - Striped Bass Rig with Fish Finder

Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw - Striped Bass Rig with Fish Finder

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Inline Circle Hook rig that's LEGAL for striped bass fishing!

As catch and release becomes more popular among anglers today, gentle fish handling is becoming increasingly important. Studies have shown as high as 48% mortality rate on released fish hooked deep in the throat. Inline circle hooks have been proven to reduce fatal injuries decreasing the mortality rate by hooking the fish in the corner of the mouth in the majority of hook sets. Lazer Sharp Striped Bass Inline Circle Rigs are tied with 100% regulation approved American made fish hooks, offering the angler peace of mind in efforts to conserve their fisheries.

  • Lazer Sharp Inline Circle Hook
  • 42" Mono Leader
  • Fishfinder with dual lock snap

*1 Rig Per Pack