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Sabiki® S-506E – Mix Flasher Mackerel Skin – Aurora Finish – Saltwater Rig

The Hayabusa Fishing Sabiki® S-506E – Mix Flasher Mackerel Fish Skin – Aurora Finish imitates coastal forage that baitfish species and game fish eat.  As such, this exceptional fishing rig uses realistic aesthetics as a primary selling point, but it inevitably proves its worth time and again when fishing outings prove challenging.  Phenomenal style coupled with equally essential, quality materials, the Sabiki® S-506E – Mix Flasher Mackerel Fish Skin – Aurora Finish offers saltwater fishermen the opportunity to capitalize on forage feeding habits. Hayabusa Fishing is widely recognized as The Pride of Japan for quality manufacturing and high-end engineering standards that help saltwater fishermen catch more fish.