Hogy - In-Line Ball Bearing Trolling Weight (Single)

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Hogy - In-Line Ball Bearing Trolling Weight (Single)

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How To Use:

1. Tie your mainline to (A) the solid ring on the tapered end of the inline trolling weight.

2. Trim a 36" - 48" long section of leader material (we usually use 30lb - 40lb). Tie one end to (B) the snap swivel, then connect the tag end to your Perfect Trolling Tube.

3. Use 3oz weight for 30' and shallower trolling, 4oz for trolling to 40' depths. You'll want the weight and tube trolling just above the bottom. In most trolling situations this requires deploying 100' to 200' of line from the boat. Once the weight bounces bottom, reel in a couple cranks and you're in the strike zone.

Our top rigging recommendation for inshore trolling without lead core or wire line. Designed for adding additional weight for light tackle trolling, these ball-bearing in-line trolling weights can be paired with the Hogy Perfect Tube, Charter Grade Sliders, and a variety of pre-rigged soft baits for precise depth trolling.

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