Jigging World - Nexus 2.0 Spinning Rods
Jigging World - Nexus 2.0 Spinning Rods
Jigging World - Nexus 2.0 Spinning Rods
Jigging World - Nexus 2.0 Spinning Rods
Jigging World - Nexus 2.0 Spinning Rods
Jigging World - Nexus 2.0 Spinning Rods

Jigging World

Jigging World - Nexus 2.0 Spinning Rods

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Jigging World - Nexus 2.0 Spinning Rods



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The original Nexus rods have been a staple in our brand since our entrance into the fishing tackle market. When the original Nexus rods were first introduced, they swept the market by storm once anglers came to understand they would be getting a premium carbon fiber fishing rod at a fraction of market competition's price. Price, Durability, Strength, and Sensitivity were the product key features, resulting in a huge success. Many say don't fix what's not broken, but we are proud to announce that the All New Nexus 2.0s come with all the features many loved in the original version, but packed with loads of upgrades - making these, hands down, THE BEST all around inshore fishing rod in its price point - in the entire market. 

The Nexus 2.0s are now built with 24T carbon fiber, sourced from Toray's Japan factory. Toray is widely known for being one of the top manufacturers of carbon fiber sheets in the world, used to make some of the top of the line fishing rods in the world. This upgrade in the raw material now results in a stronger, more durable, and more sensitive fishing rod. We've also added a layer of textured carbon fiber tape that not only makes these rods more aesthetically pleasing, but helps reinforce the integrity of the blank. Another major upgrade is we've opted to outfit these rods with Fuji's New Concept O Ring guides. With an entire cosmetic upgrade including custom designed ergonomic EVA grips, custom designed reel seats on both spinning and conventional models, our biggest joy in these new rods are being able to make them available to you at the same price as the originals!

If you have yet to add a Jigging World fishing rod to your arsenal, now is the time! 


  • Blank Constructed With 24T Japanese Carbon Fiber
  • Fuji New Concept O Ring Guides
  • Custom Jigging World Reel Seat
  • Premium Ergonomic EVA Grips
  • Hook Keeper
  • 1 Piece Fishing Rods
  • Available In Spinning And Conventional Models
  • All Conventional Models Made With Spiral Wrapped Guides

Specification Chart:

Model Type Length Power Line Weight Lure Weight Weight
JW-NEX701S-M Spinning 7'0" Medium 10-20 lb 3/4-1.5 oz 5.7 oz
JW-NEX701S-MH Spinning 7'0" Heavy 20-40 lb 1-4 oz 6.1 oz
JW-NEX701S-H Spinning 7'0" Heavy 20-50 lb 2-6 oz 6.6 oz
JW-NEX761S-MH Spinning 7'6" Med Heavy 20-50 lb 2-6 oz 7.2 oz