Jinkai - Aluminum Crimp Sleeves (500 Packs)
Jinkai - Aluminum Crimp Sleeves (500 Packs)


Jinkai - Aluminum Crimp Sleeves (500 Packs)

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Size:I - 1.04-1.17mm
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Jinkai - Aluminum Crimp Sleeves (500 Packs)

I - 1.04-1.17mm


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JINKAI Crimp Sleeves are made from a special aluminum alloy that resists electro-corrosion in saltwater.

The durable aluminum and precision shape work together to provide a permanent crimp without compromising line strength.

Each Crimp pack includes a diameter chart on the package for convenience.

*FISH highly recommends picking up a set of the Jinkai SC-3C crimpers to pair with these crimps. This tool was designed around this line of crimps, and they fit perfectly into this tool. A highly effective combination trusted by hundreds of fisherman and tournament teams.

Brand: Style: Test (lbs): Diameter:
Momoi Hi-Catch 40 0.60mm / 0.0236in
Momoi Hi-Catch 50 0.70mm / 0.0276in
Momoi Hi-Catch 60 0.75mm / 0.0295in
Momoi Hi-Catch 80 0.85mm / 0.0335in
Momoi Hi-Catch 100 1.00mm / 0.0393in
Momoi Hi-Catch 130 1.20mm / 0.0472in
Momoi Hi-Catch 150 1.27mm / 0.0500in
Momoi Hi-Catch 200 1.40mm / 0.0551in
Momoi Hi-Catch 250 1.60mm / 0.0630in
Momoi Hi-Catch 300 1.80mm / 0.0709in
Momoi Hi-Catch 400 2.06mm / 0.0811in
Momoi Hi-Catch 500 2.44mm / 0.0961in
Momoi Diamond 40 0.65mm / 0.0256in
Momoi Diamond 50 0.75mm / 0.0295in
Momoi Diamond 60 0.80mm / 0.0315in
Momoi Diamond 80 0.90mm / 0.0354in
Momoi Diamond 100 1.00mm / 0.0394in
Momoi Diamond 130 1.28mm / 0.0504in
Momoi Diamond 200 1.45mm / 0.0571in