Madd Mantis - Quake - 165
Madd Mantis - Quake - 165
Madd Mantis - Quake - 165
Madd Mantis - Quake - 165
Madd Mantis - Quake - 165
Madd Mantis - Quake - 165
Madd Mantis - Quake - 165

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Madd Mantis - Quake - 165

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Size:6.5in - 2.86oz
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Madd Mantis - Quake - 165

6.5in - 2.86oz / Grapeberry


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The Quake is a must-have for any angler looking to add something different to their line-up. A true 4-season bait. Our objective with this build to make a slender-body glide bait that is as simple to work. A bait that can be cast far, has a great swim, and is tough enough to be fished in the harshest conditions all year round. The Quake is quickly building a reputation as a fish producer. While this bait may look like many things you are familiar with, this swim of this bait is like nothing else you have seen to date.

Thoughtful design details:

  • The Quake is injection molded in a proprietary ABS plastic, making it as strong and resilient as the bumper of your car.
  • The bait’s two chambers are fused together using a sonic welding technology. This technology melts the two sides together using hypersonic vibrations, creating a finished product that is super strong and extremely watertight.
  • The through wire system is thoughtfully contained in a closed channel running down the belly of the bait, reducing the chance of sea water getting inside the bait.
  • The still posture of the bait in the water has this bait sinking with a horizontal fall that quivers as it falls: use this to your advantage when fishing sweeping current, so your bait does all the work as it travels.
  • Internal X ribs give the external appearance of scales, while also serving to hide the cross braces that prevent the bait from crushing under extreme pressures.
  • The downward-turned line tie under the chin is the key to the bait’s swim, as it lets the bait roll free on the retrieve, giving the bait its seductive wiggle.


The key to the bait’s success is the fall. The Quake sits horizontally as it vibrates and sinks. To best work the bait, we suggest you start with a slow reel and watch the bait as it swims and rolls. Add a pause and a tip lift of the rod, and the bait vibrates down and darts off. Use varying reel speed to give it even more life. Put this bait in some moving water and you get a random swim that is unmatched. Fish this bait cross current and watch as the vibrating fall looks like a bait struggling in the current. Fish it with the wind in your face and give yourself the advantage of the longer casts.