Quick Rig - Dredge Connector II (Single Packs)


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Our Corkscrew Dredge connectors are hard working Swivels. They are built to last and support Quick Change of dredges.  There are problems with pulling dredges. Don’t let too much leader lay behind the boat. The props can cut lines and swivels with no problems other than you loosing valuable equipment. Check your connection after a few hours in the water. If you see discoloration and wear, add a zinc sacrifice to your rig and troll for a few more hours. Exam the zinc and if it shows loss of metals have your grounding and bonding system checked out in your boat. We have seen shafts and props and all that runs in saltwater get eaten up and destroyed by electrolysis.  Sea Buoy Corkscrew Dredge Connector II come in Black Nickel finish.