Strategic Angler - Proteus 130
Strategic Angler - Proteus 130
Strategic Angler - Proteus 130

Strategic Angler

Strategic Angler - Proteus 130

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Size:Green Mackerel
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Strategic Angler - Proteus 130

Green Mackerel


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The Proteus series is the latest offering by StrategicAngler® for 2021.  The remarkable success of the clear bodied, UV enhanced Naia series led to the final development of the Proteus series to date, conceptualized many years before.

Strategic Angler released the Naia series in late 2019 for 2020.  The development of the Naia series in 2019 provided a key design element for PROTEUS.  After changing and morphing the Mikros concept-design several times over, Strategic Angler was able to take a key design concept from the Naia series and apply it to several benched prototypes.  This newfound knowledge enabled Strategic to create a brand new 5 inch hybrid lure featuring the characteristics of a “slow” stick-bait and a sinking, wobbling jig.  (The Proteus series received its final inspiration from the slow swimming Atlantic butterfish, a favorite staple of many pelagic species)


  • Walk, twitch 
  • Horizontal sinking wobble during free-fall
  • Wobbling side to side swimming action with slow retrieve


Walk – Proteus can be made to walk with a right, left, right cadence using slow rhythmic pumps with the rod tip down.  The slower the better.   

Sinking Wobble – Let the lure rest at free spool after casting.  The lure will sink with a wide side to side wobble exposing its flanks as it goes deeper.  Majority of the strikes come at free spool so watch your line and get ready to close that bail for the hook-set!  Mix up the retrieve to achieve different presentations.

Sweep – The Proteus series does best with slow sweeps of the rod tip versus the traditional hard sweeps most stick-bait anglers are accustomed to.  The lure is perfectly balanced without the need of a belly hook so imparting softer sweeps will make the lure dance with ease.


Length: 5 inches (130 mm)

Average weight: 3.5 ounces (93-98 grams)

Terminal Wire: 0.093 inch (2.4 mm) thick x-heavy wiring


Rear only: 2/0 to 5/0 trebles  -or-  5/0 to 10/0 single


Hook size/weight dependent:  average 1.5 ft/second (hook size and current may affect sink rate)