Vudu - Shad


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Made from "TOUGH AS HELL" TPE, The serrated tail articulates, creating a life like swimming action and the boot tail adds lift and thump to the lure. The tail section is constructed with a durable mesh weave which gives it strength and durability.

Vudu Shads are available in 4 sizes covering a wide range of both inshore and offshore applications. Many of the colors and styles can be used in both salt and fresh water. A great crossover series for Vudu Brands.

  • 4 INCH SHAD: Weighs 3/8 oz and is better suited for the open reefs, jetties, and surf adjoined to the coastal bays. Great for trout, reds, snook, and striped bass. Also can be used in close offshore applications.
  • 5 INCH SHAD: More suited for close offshore and along the East and Northeast Coast.